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What does Osteria mean?

Let's go back in time and see together what an Osteria was like!
The term "Osteria" derives from the old French (host, hostess) and from the Latin (hospite). At one time it indicated a public place, where people gathered to drink wine and eat hot dishes, in many cases the people passing by, as well as eating, could rest in special lodgings, which was why it had the function of hospitality. They were located in main places, such as squares, markets, main streets, precisely because it had to be a meeting point where people could discuss and dialogue while enjoying good wine.

The characteristic of the taverns of the past was that of storing hot dishes in large terracotta pots embedded in wall counters, some of these are still visible today thanks to the excavations of Pompeii.

With the passage of time, the Taverns become a real meeting point also for famous people and intellectuals where they could discuss at length about citizens' debates.

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Come and embark on a culinary experience never seen before with our Sicilian chef with his dishes that start from Sicily but that go around Italy passing through each of its wonderful regions

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Il Giro d'Italia ~ The Tour of Italy

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